Help Your Little One Come Into The World Feeling Calm

Our little one seconds after he entered the world

Did you know that your little one’s subconscious is forming as early as in utero?

I am writing to share tools and resources connecting back to the subconscious, so both you and your little one can feel calm in your bodies.
The first part of the blog is geared towards moms who are pregnant, While, the second part is intended for parents who want to teach their children ways to feel calm in their body from the very beginning of childhood.

***Please note that if you don’t have children, the first part of this blog post can still be applied to your life.

A little back story… I had struggled with generalized anxiety since I was a little girl.  It took years to finally understand where all the anxiety came from, twenty-five years to be exact.  Six years ago, I had received my dream job of being a Kindergarten Teacher. In the first week of school, I was hospitalized because I had 100 panic attacks. If you’d like to learn more click here

Me and my mom when I was little

Picture from outside my Kindergarten Classroom before having those 100 panic attacks in the first week

It wasn’t until I really explored my inner subconscious that I was able to release emotions and triggers that were causing so much overwhelm in my body that I know now was the reason for all of those panic attacks at the beginning of my career.

Announcing we were pregnant to our friends and family

Below I have put some tools and resources together for you that helped me from pregnancy and beyond.  Please contact me here if you have any specific questions.


IT STARTS WITH YOU: Take this time before your little one arrives to release undated triggers and emotions from childhood and beyond that cause you stress and overwhelm in your body.  Doing this will help you be able to feel a sense of calmness in your body, which in turn will help your baby feel safe in the womb.

START NOW WITH LEARNING HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME:  Once your little one arrives it won’t seem like you have any time.  If you start now, it will be easier to change things around later when your little one makes his or her debut. A fun way to do this is to choose colors that mean something to you and start with balancing: Self, Health, Relationships and Work.  Love to hear from you what you come up with. Feel free to email me here.

TAKE SOME TIME TO ORGANIZE YOUR ENVIRONMENT:  When your environment is organized, that will help your mind feel relaxed.  Start with one part of the room and move on from there.

HAVE A TOOL BOX FOR YOURSELF: From anything to having your essential oils to having a journal to release your thoughts from the day, having tools that you can use are very powerful to help stay calm in your body.  One tool in particular that I always had in my back pocket was tapping. I used it all throughout pregnancy and even during labor when they had to TURN OFF my epidural.

HAVE A CALM ENVIRONMENT:  Start playing quiet and peaceful music while your little is in the womb so when your precious miracle enters the world you will already have a routine in place. It not only will help you with staying calm, but it will be so powerful for your little one, as he or she will have gotten used to hearing calming music in the womb. This will seriously be a life-changer later on. (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE IN OVERWHELM)


ESTABLISHING ROUTINES EARLY ON: Having routines early on will help your child understand what to expect.  For instance, we started doing bath, quiet music, lights low, books and white noise from the very first time that we would have him sleep in his room.  Doing that will help your child get used to what is coming, so you are being proactive.

KNOWING WHAT TO DO IN OVERWHELM: It is up to you to teach your children how to calm down in overwhelm.  If you don’t, then they won’t know what to do when they are feeling out of control.  We taught our little one early on how to “tap” under his eye and on top of his head when he wants to have a calm body. We also feel strongly in giving your children ownership over creating a box for calming down when they are feeling overwhelmed.  Start with getting a box that they can decorate and have them pick out toys that help them feel safe.

CREATING A CALM AREA IN THE BEDROOM OR A PLACE IN THE HOME: Let them have ownership over this process too.  From anything to letting them choose what they want to put in that area to create signs for that special spot. The more ownership you give to them, the more they will want to be there when they need to take some time to recharge.

TAPPING AWAY EMOTIONS FROM THE DAY: One of our favorite things is after a long day we all come together and talk about anything we want to tap away from the day, so we don’t have to hold onto that emotion in our body.  While the conscious mind has not formed yet, the subconscious knows that it calms the body and releases any unwanted information in the body.

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