Share your story with us!

Mending Motherhood was created for YOU to share your story so that other women will know that they aren’t alone. Your journey through postpartum depression and/or anxiety was unique to you and everything that you experienced and felt was valid.

It takes women like you, like me, to speak up and share our stories for the stigma around postpartum depression and anxiety to slowly dissolve. Your voice helps other women to stop feeling shame and to know that they are not alone.

I want your story, in your raw voice; whatever that looks like. I cannot guarantee that every post that is submitted will be chosen to be published but I will reach out to let you know if yours has been chosen and when your published date will be!

Submit your story by e-mail to and include as much of the following as you can or are comfortable with:

  • Your story either written out in the e-mail or as an attachment
  • 1-3 professional quality photographs of you and/or your child/family that you would allow to be threaded into your blog post. Please include the name and/or website of your photographer so that I can give them the credit.
  • Several fun and unique facts about yourself including where you’re from so that I can create a short author bio for your post

Please note that I will use my discretion to correct possible grammatical errors before posting but the content of your post will not be changed in any way.

***If you would like for your story to remain anonymous please include that in your subject heading and again within your e-mail. I completely respect your desire to remain anonymous and want to make sure that this is never missed.